The Application Process

Microsoft recognizes the importance of career decisions. Our process is designed to be highly interactive. Our goal is to determine not only if you are right for Microsoft, but to help you decide if Microsoft is right for you. A typical process for a Microsoft candidate might look like this.


You are contacted by a member of our staffing team. This may be in response to your application, or because you were proactively found during a search for candidates. If you were found during a search for candidates, you will be asked to apply for the role.

Phone Screen

To get better acquainted, you will have a phone conversation with a member of the staffing team. Oftentimes this call includes specific questions to assess your suitability for the role and give you a chance to further explore position requirements.

Functional Interview

If the team is interested in moving forward, a technical phone interview will be scheduled. This dialogue will be conducted by the hiring manager or a member of your future team. In the meeting, they will assess your technical or business skills and will provide more details about the role.

Final Interviews

If the technical interview goes well, you will be invited to participate in on-site interviews. It is after these interviews that Microsoft will make a hiring decision.